Toutes les Offres d’emploi, moteur de recherche d’emploi au Maroc. is a Moroccan search engine and directory for job offers. Currently it indexes more than 13.000+ job offers all over Morocco, and it’s still in Beta version.

Why ? has been designed primarily to remove the pain from looking for a job, and to remedy to the huge fragmentation in the Moroccan job market, and offer a seamless and ergonomical user experience. Searching for a job is no longer a job.

The main search functionality in lets users search in real-time across major Moroccan job portals, and gives results sorted by relevance and user interest (at the moment, it indexes offers from Menara Emploi,,, and

Current features include : intelligent semantic search, search by tags, offer listings by area, listing job offers by company, comments, similar offers, and more. New features are added daily.

In the near future
Mobile applications (both in Android and iOS) are to be released soon. 


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